LakehomesUSA Terms of Use Agreement

Last Updated: July 8, 2008

Thank you for choosing to access the real estate information available on our websites at LakehomesUSA.com, RiverhomesUSA.com, and OceanhomesUSA.com, which are all owned by LakehomesUSA. By viewing this information, you (End User) agree to the terms of this agreement, and understand that all data found in the above mentioned websites is provided to you entirely under these terms. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use set forth in the following paragraphs, you will immediately cease use of these websites. You also agree that LakehomesUSA has the right to modify these terms at any time, and will make those changes available on the website immediately. You agree that it is your obligation to review these terms from time to time for updated changes to these terms.

  1. Site Content
    As the End User, you fully understand that all data available on the websites owned by LakehomesUSA is provided to us through third party data feeds, individual real estate brokerages, real estate agents, and private parties, also known in their entirety as (Providers). LakehomesUSA has no control over the accuracy of that information, other than its attempt to continuously bring in new data feeds through third parties, and encouraging real estate brokerages, agents and individuals to update listing prices, photos, market status and other content as it changes. However, although it is understood that even though LakehomesUSA encourages its Providers to maintain their listings as accurately as possible, LakehomesUSA has no control over this accuracy.
  2. Warranties & Liabilities
    LakehomesUSA makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of Site Content, and End User agrees to contact the real estate brokerages, agents, or individuals listed as the appropriate contact for each individual property listing to satisfy themselves as to its accuracy. LakehomesUSA accepts no liability for information displayed on its websites, and will not be held liable, whatsoever, for any damages from End Users or Providers relating to incidental damages, lost profits, lost revenues, lost time, cost of travel, or any other potential damages based on false, misleading, or inaccurate data or information. If you are a Provider of data to the websites owned by LakehomesUSA, you agree that LakehomesUSA will do its best to display all information provided to it as accurately as possible, but will not be held responsible for inaccuracies relating to improperly transmitted data or other technical problems that sometimes occur in the ongoing transmission of data. Also, if you supply LakehomesUSA with inaccurate data, you agree that that particular data will also be displayed inaccurately.
  3. Indemnification
    End Users and Providers agree to hold LakehomesUSA, and any of its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including attorneys' fees, for any reason, stemming from the use or supply of all data on websites owned by LakehomesUSA. This includes, but is not limited to, any content, language, data, photos, or any other materials displayed on LakehomesUSA websites.
  4. Changes to Service
    It is understood that LakehomesUSA may change, disrupt, cancel, or modify its services at any time without notification, including the unintended disruption of services through power outages, server issues, and all other disruptions beyond the control of LakehomesUSA. This also includes any changes to the websites regarding the method of which Site Content is displayed or processed, the amount of listings on the websites, the speed at which content is processed, amount of advertising displayed, and any other change to format or design that LakehomesUSA chooses to offer.
  5. Intellectual Property
    LakehomesUSA has invested significant sums of money into its website designs, methods of receiving data, methods of formatting data, methods of data display, logos, text, URLs, branding, and overall content of its sites. Any reproduction of the above mentioned items, through plagiarism or other methods, is strictly prohibited by the laws of the United States, including copyright infringement laws and other intellectual property laws. Any attempt to reproduce or closely copy any of the above mentioned items is strictly prohibited, and LakehomesUSA reserves the right to seek damages to the best of its ability, from any offending parties.
  6. Governing Jurisdiction & Compliance With Laws
    LakehomesUSA is registered under the State of Minnesota, and operates from that state. As such, LakehomesUSA abides by Minnesota State laws, and makes no representation that its content or services are legal, appropriate, or allowed, under any other governing jurisdiction. This includes all issues relating to the timely manner in which current data is displayed or changed, display of company names, agent names, logos, or any other symbol or criteria required to be shown along with real estate listings or real estate brokerages. End User and Provider will both satisfy themselves of any laws governing their particular state or governing body in regards to use of LakehomesUSA websites, and will act in accordance with those laws, in relation to any use of LakehomesUSA websites.
  7. Privacy Policy
    LakehomesUSA does not collect data on any of its End Users without their specific permission, which would only be granted based on surveys, questionnaires, email lists, or other opt-in programs. At this time, LakehomesUSA has never used any of these data collection methods, nor does it intend to do so. Additionally, if LakehomesUSA were to collect this information based on any of the above mentioned methods and with user approval, it would have no interest in selling or displaying this information in any manner; nor would it do so. All data given to LakehomesUSA by its Providers is done so through secure ordering methods, and is held in the strictest privacy. None of this data is ever displayed outside of company accounting, other than to show necessary contact information such as names, email information, and phone numbers on current listings.
  8. Miscellaneous
    You agree to use the websites at LakehomesUSA.com, OceanhomesUSA.com and RiverhomesUSA.com, AS IS, and at your own risk. You agree that subject headings in these Terms of Use are for description only, and do not necessarily give a complete synopsis of all issues that might arise typically covered under those headings. Additionally, it is understood that if any part or provision of these Terms of Use are to found invalid or unenforceable, it will not effect the validity of any other provision of these Terms of Use, which will remain in effect and enforceable to their maximum extent. The above noted provisions, both in their entirety and individually, make up the Terms of Use under the agreement between LakehomesUSA and its users. Both End Users and Providers will abide by these Terms of Use in addition to any other agreements between parties.

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